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Catch a big fish!? Here is how you store it.

How to Freeze a Fish Properly for Taxidermy

Catch a fish that you would like to have mounted? Can’t make it to your taxidermist in a timely manner? There are a few steps that you can take to be sure that your fish will be preserved. You can follow the following steps.

1. Handle your fish with care to prevent scale and fin damage.

2. Wrap your fish in a wet bath/hand towel.

3. Place the wrapped fish into a trash bag or other plastic bag and tape/seal.

4. You can place the fish into your freezer for up to one year.

If you follow these steps your fish should not freezer burn and be a mountable fish. We have had some luck keeping fish in the freezer for longer, but it isn’t recommended.

There was old school information suggesting wrapping the fish in newspaper and this is not recommended as the newspaper actually absorbs moisture from the fish and can dry it out and can also transfer ink to the scales.

Catch a fish that you threw back or couldn’t keep due to location? If you have some basic measurements a replica of the fish can be created. The ideal measures are the overall length, girth, weight, and a photo is helpful.

Happy fishing!

fish taxidermy
Luke with a huge gar

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