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Trout Fishing Montana Taxidermy Family



Ben Slemmer


Wildlife Biologist/Taxidermist 


I grew up trapping, hunting and fishing with my Grandpa Wib and my dad. My grandpa taught me to tan hides at a young age and my biology background has assisted with my ability to create realistic works of art that will last a lifetime.

I am excited that I am now also able to share my passion with my family. My wife Susan and son Luke help out with the family business. 


I have a wildlife biology degree that helps me create very life-like mounts. I am a licensed full-time and full-service taxidermist. I treat each mount as my own and produce top quality mounts. Due to current workload I do not provide fur dressing or soft tanning as a service. (pelts) I do currently tan all hides for mounts in-house. 


Check out this video that explains a little more about our business - click on the photo to the left or copy the below text into your browser. My story is the second one in. Thanks for visiting!


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